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NextGen Education Foundation offers an in-depth Linux System Engineer course designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to become a Linux Certified System Engineer. Our course is taught by experienced Industry Expert who have a deep understanding of the latest industry trends and best practices.

Our Linux System Engineer course provides expert guidance and mentorship throughout the program, ensuring that you have a strong foundation in Linux system administration. Whether you are a fresher looking to start your career as a Linux system administrator or a professional seeking to advance your career, our course is tailored to meet your needs.

We offer a flexible learning model that allows you to study at your own pace and convenience, with access to on-demand video lectures and comprehensive study materials. With our Linux System Engineering course, you will learn advanced Linux system administration concepts such as server hardening, system security, and troubleshooting techniques.

Join our community of learners and take the first step towards becoming a Linux System Engineer.



Anyone with an interest in Linux system administration can enroll in this course. However, basic knowledge of Computer Essentials / Linux operating system concepts is recommended. To be eligible for the Linux Certified Engineer exam, you must hold a Linux System Administration certification or have equivalent experience.

Course Content:

Network configuration and troubleshooting
*Configure IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
*Configure hostname resolution
*Configure network services to start automatically at boot
*Configure network teaming, bonding, and bridging
*Configure firewall
*Troubleshoot network connectivity issues

Managing security
*Configure firewall settings using firewall-CMD
*Configure user account and authentication-related properties of user accounts
*Use shell scripting to automate system maintenance tasks
*Configure SE Linux to support system services
*Use SE Linux port labeling to allow services to use non-default ports
*Configure system-wide cryptographic policies and implement custom policies
*Use certificate-based security to implement SSL/TLS secured services

Managing system services and daemons
*Configure system services to start at boot
*Identify and monitor system services
*Configure logging
*Configure time synchronization using NTP
*Configure remote logging using rsyslog
*Configure journald logging

Managing containers
*Understand and manage container runtime
*Understand and manage images
*Understand and manage Dockerfile

Managing storage
*Create and configure LVM storage
*Configure NFS and SMB file-sharing services
*Configure autofs and encrypted file systems
*Configure swap partitions and swap files

Managing DNS
*Configure DNS caching and forwarding
*Troubleshoot DNS client issues
*Configure DNSSEC

Automating installations
*Automate installations with Kickstart
*Create and manage repositories
*Troubleshoot package installation issues

The Linux System Engineer certification course is designed to help IT professionals gain the knowledge and skills needed to become certified Engineers. The course covers a wide range of topics related to system administration and includes hands-on lab exercises to help reinforce key concepts.


2 Months /
3 Months
(Weekdays / Weekend)

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