Diploma in Business Intelligence (BI)
& Business Analytics (BA)

About This Program

The Diploma in Business Intelligence & Business Analytics is a one-year program, taught in a tri-
semester pattern. The first semester of 10 weeks provides foundational training in Introduction to
Databases and SQL, Data Integration and Data Warehousing (SSIS and Talend), Visualization Using
Power BI, Visualization Using Tableau, and Business Analytics (Excel + Power BI).

In the second semester of 10 weeks, students receive advanced training in BI Project Methodologies,
Python for Data Science, Analytics for Finance, Sales, and Marketing, Visualization Using Power BI(Advanced), and Aptitude and Soft Skills.

In the third semester, students will undergo a six-month industry training program in the form of an
internship, which provides a direct route to acquiring real business experience. This practical
experience is invaluable and enhances the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom.
Upon successful completion of the course, all students are awarded a NextGen-authorized Diploma
in-BI certificate. Additionally, students who pass the BI Global examination are awarded an
internationally recognized certificate. This ensures that students are well-prepared for the job
market and have the skills necessary to succeed in the field of Business Intelligence.


Selection Criteria:


Course Content:

Introduction to Databases and SQL

Data Integration and Data Warehousing (SSIS and Talend)

Visualization Using Power BI

Visualization Using Tableau

Business Analytics (Advanced/Excel + Power BI)

Project 1

BI Project Methodologies

Python for Data Science

Analytics for Finance, Sales and Marketing

Visualization Using Power BI (Advanced)

Aptitude and Soft Skills

Project 2

Upon completion of Semester II, students will undergo a 6-month industry internship, providing
practical experience and skills development. The program concludes with a review and evaluation

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40 Hours


12 Months

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