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Course Title DELE A1 ( Beginner Level)
2. Course introduction A1 is a beginner’s level course in Spanish. This is the first exam in the ‘diploma en español como lengua extranjera’. Students get introduced to the basic concepts of the spanish language like speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary etc.


3. Course Outcome This course is specially designed for the participants who have not studied Spanish language. During the course, the learners will be taught how to use the Spanish language in everyday life. In this level, the students will learn how to read and write basic sentences, listen simple conversations and familiarize themselves with accents from different Latin American countries.


This qualification attests to sufficient linguistic ability for a very basic range of the most commonly simple expressions used in the Spanish-speaking world and in order to satisfy inmediate needs of a concrete type.




●        One is able to form simple sentences in present tense to talk about day to day situations, additionally can also write small descriptive texts.


●        ・One is able to listen and comprehend conversations about topics regularly encountered in daily life and classroom situations, and is able to pick up necessary information from short conversations spoken slowly.


●         One is able to introduce himself/ herself and someone else, form and answer questions about daily life, and describe a picture or situation.


4. Course syllabus Multiple Grammar patterns, vocabulary divided into 8 units of the textbook.


5. Course duration 90 hours
6. Exam schedule DELE exams are usually conducted 4-5 times a year all over the world