SAP Enable Now Training

SAP Enable Now (SEN) is a comprehensive toolset that helps you easily create and deploy content, context sensitive user help, transaction documentation, training simulations, test scripts and e-learning materials. SEN provides performance support to help people master new or rapidly changing tasks with minimal intervention or training.

Course Objective

  • SAP Enable Now is a commercial end-to-end suite of tools to create learning and in-app help content. In this course you will learn to create, edit and localize sustainable learning material and in-app help.
  • How to work as a master author in a multi-author content production scenario.
  • How to build a strong relationship with your customers and implement SAP Enable Now for both strategic and project-based use. Furthermore, you’ll get the expert knowledge to deliver high-quality consulting services in time: For example, solve typical customer issues by using custom properties, scripts, and file-level customizations.

Target Audience

·       Project Team
·       Administrators
·       Key users
·       End users
·       SAP Consultants
·       Any individual interested in SAP Enable Now implementation or management