About Us

About NextGen Education Foundation- an Institute of Distance and Open Learning

NextGen Education Foundation is formed by the Industry Experts to run short term industry oriented vocational online diploma courses that offer certification in a number of fields and professions that will provide employment. These courses will be on latest technologies in growth sectors such as Industry 4.0 automation at Discrete Manufacturing, Automobile, Construction, Mechatronics,

The objective of these certificate programs is to create ‘industry ready’ resources who can be gainfully employed upon completion of these courses.  The certificate programs will give students a chance to refine their essential skills and develop a cutting edge thus increasing their industry competence, confidence, and employability.

NextGen Education will work with schools, higher education institutions and companies to define course structures, to digitize their contents with use cases and case studies, which has until now been unaffordable due to the usual high cost of digitization. Offer a high-quality teaching method and interactive videos that make students want to learn differently.

Become leader in the digital transformation of online, offline industry oriented trainings and education programmes for schools, professional individuals and companies.

Key differentiators

  • Trainers – Your trainers are the main people involved in this transformation and should be trained continuously to provide better support for students so they can find employment and success.
  • Courses – Case study based courses designed after great research and learning’s from Industry.
  • Flexible Models – Class Room, Train the Trainer, Zoom based virtual class rooms, complete online trainings
  • Teachers Trainings – Every year for 2 months training on delta contents added every year or improvement methods to adapt every year based on industry feedbacks for the benefits of the students.
  • Projects
  • Internships
  • Placements
  • OEM Product Training Exam Centers
  • PG Program in association with Foreign University